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My name is Iris Rotem, I design priceless jewelry, enjoying every day doing what I love the most – express the beauty and majesty that is present around me, by designing a unique piece of jewelry that is one of a kind.

My style is vintage – majestic, elegant, and beautiful, each piece of jewelry has only one unit and I create them alongside paying deep attention and matching the customers’ needs.


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Nofar Chalfon
Hair Stylist
I want to warmly and with great love recommend Iris she is just an amazing person with golden hands !!! Each of her jewelry is designed with great thought and great love and you can see that in her jewelry!!! As a hair stylist I had no doubt that on the happiest day of my life I would only be with her jewelry!!!
She has not and will not have a second
Sam Photography
I met Iris in a joint production, and I got to know a talented jewelry designer with special designs that I have never seen before, every special and rare item !!!
I will point out to you that I had a lot of fun working with you. Your special jewelry will definitely come with me for my next productions!!!
Thank you so much for your involvement in the great production
Chani Itzhak Kurtz
The amazing Iris I’m glad I knew you
After searching for the most beautiful jewelry for my wedding I came to Iris and straight away I fell in love and received warm and courteous service even after the event.
Highly recommended. Thank you
Ariella Moshe Sabach
Iris is first and foremost a lovely woman with a warm heart who knows how to tailor a piece of jewelry exactly to your personality. When I got married she made me an earring bracelet and a hairpin, she was attentive to my requests and I enjoyed every moment of the jewelry preparation steps.

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