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Iris Rotem
Jewelry Designer

Creating jewelry is the art of matching a dream idea with a unique, beautiful execution that envelops you perfect!

Nice to meet, my name is Iris Rotem, I design priceless jewelry, enjoying every by doing what I love the most – express the beauty and majesty that is present around me, by designing a unique piece of jewelry that is one of a kind.

I design unique evening jewelry for women, brides, men, and handmade jewelry for any occasion, it can be necklaces and bracelets, earrings and pins, and complete custom sets.

My style is vintage – majestic, elegant, and beautiful, each piece of jewelry has only one unit and I create them alongside paying deep attention and matching the customers’ needs.

You will find my jewelry displaying in various fashion and design productions and starring in magazines in Israel and around the world.

The art of design

Jewelry design is a matter of inspiration, creativity, and emotion

I find my inspiration around me and within me, it can come from anywhere. Mostly I am attracted and intrigued by the world of royalty and the history around it.

I walk around the palaces, absorbing the ideas from the story behind the characters, the architecture led me to understand how they felt, what they wanted to convey, with the goal of turning it into a piece of jewelry that would make for those who wear them to feel the inspiration by themselves.

In the designing process, I stick to the concept that is important for me to give, I search and research which raw materials are best to use and choose, only the highest quality ones that will maintain the finish and continue to resonate with the beauty for years to come with the same intensity.

The fact that each piece of jewelry is done and designed by hands, allows me to express all my professional-artistic experience from the world of rhyme, knitting and braiding, while paying attention to the little details that for me, make the difference, and especially I feel… people’s excitement, their desire to give themselves a gift, handmade jewel that will be only theirs, and will never be seen on someone else, because my creations, just like my clients, are ONE PIECE, each one and its beauty, depth, and strength. 

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